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Interested in tutoring services?


The Tutoring Society is an association within UPenn AMWA. We offer free one-on-one tutoring services to help pre-health students excel in their Penn courses, the MCAT, or the DAT.


The goal of the Tutoring Society is to increase academic accessibility by making tutoring more readily available. Students are paired with tutors who have experience with the coursework and material of Penn courses as well as admissions tests in order to provide effective tutoring.


 If you’re interested in our tutoring services, please fill out the form below to schedule a tutor!


Interested in becoming a tutor?


All UPenn students and alumni are welcome to join the Tutoring Society as a tutor. Tutors will receive non-clinical volunteering experience verified by an official UPenn organization. UPenn AMWA members will also receive membership recognition.


If you would like to become a tutor, please fill out the form below and indicate the courses for which you would like to tutor as well as the grades that you received in these courses.



Thanks for submitting!

Ask us a question?

Interest meetings are held to get to know each other 

This AMWA branch aims to help LPS students receive answers to any questions that might arise either early on or later in their academic career at UPenn as well as during the health professional school application process. We hope new members will ask us any questions from experienced members that in a social setting are able to 

We are experienced and hope to answer your questions and see you in meetings.   

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